Brie Larson became 'super strong' preparing for Captain Marvel

Brie Larson became 'super strong' preparing for Captain Marvel

Brie Larson could deadlift 225lbs after training for 'Captain Marvel'.

The 29-year-old actress was determined to get "super-strong" for her role as Carol Danvers and her superhero alter ego in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, and hopes she could inspire other women.

She said to Empire magazine: "I got super-strong. It wasn't enough to just put the costume on and play pretend strength, I wanted to be actually strong.

"I wanted girls and women to know how much dedication and time I put in.

"And that I could deadlift 225lbs and do 10 pull-ups at a time.

"That the strength that was in her, was in me, to the bone."

One of the things that drew Brie to the movie was that it has "real heart and emotion" and offers more than just action sequences.

She said: "One of the main pieces that we talked about was making sure the film didn't just rely on visual effects and explosions and chases, but instead has moments throughout of real emotion and heart. And that's what we'd fight for.

"That was exciting to me. The idea of doing real scene-work in a movie that's large and in space felt like a challenge I wanted to take."

While the Oscar-winning star is proud to front a female-driven superhero movie, she insists there is still work to be done.

She said: "This film isn't the end, the answer to the question.

"It's the beginning for many more stories."