Brie Larson knew she wanted to be an actress at six

Brie Larson knew she wanted to be an actress at six

Brie Larson knew she wanted to be an actress at the age of just six.

The 29-year-old actress always wanted to pursue a career in acting and admitted that performing helped her with her "super shyness" and taught her to "hold a conversation and "make eye contact".

In an interview with the new issue of Stylist magazine - which she guest edited - she said: "I was six when I told my mom I wanted to be an actor. I think it helped me with my super shyness as a kid. It taught me how to hold a conversation and make eye contact. "

Although the 'Room' actress has always been sure of her chosen career path, she believes that if she wasn't in the film industry she would probably study arts or be a gardener.

She said: "I love architecture and art. I would probably study those. Or I would be a gardener. "

Brie is set to star as Carol Danvers in Marvel's upcoming 'Captain Marvel' which is the first stand-alone female film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the 'Avengers: Infinity War' star readily admits that it's very "hard to be a superhero" on screen because she had to do so much fitness and exercise work to prepare for the role.

She said: "It's hard to be a superhero! It's a lot of work. Usually my job is just talking, but this role added a physical element so you have to push yourself to the limit."

Brie added that there isn't anything specific she wants female viewers to take from the film, and thinks whatever viewer's think of the movie is "awesome".

She said: "I think the world already puts too many unnecessary pressures on females on how they should think or feel, so I don't need to add that. Whatever female viewers take from it is awesome."