Chris Pratt says The Lego Movie 2 is 'unlike most sequels'

Chris Pratt says The Lego Movie 2 is 'unlike most sequels'

Chris Pratt thinks 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part' is unlike most sequels - because it's "really good".

The 39-year-old actor voiced the part of Emmet Brickowski in the 2014 hit, and he's confident that the new movie will prove to be similarly popular with cinemagoers.

He said: "The first movie did incredibly well and people really loved it, so it was tough thinking how you do a sequel as the expectations were really high. I think we have exceeded those expectations and unlike a lot of sequels, it's just really good. It's a relief!"

Elizabeth Banks has also returned to the franchise to voice the part of Lucy.

And Elizabeth jokingly claimed that her affinity with the Lego brand has become even stronger since she suffered an unfortunate accident at Disneyland.

Asked whether she's now the queen of Legoland, the actress told 'The Graham Norton Show': "Well I prefer it to Disneyland, where I had an incident.

"We saw Goofy and had a selfie with him. None of the characters are allowed to speak and after the photo, Goofy accidentally smacked my phone out of my hand and it smashed into a thousand pieces and I'm like, 'What the hell, dude...' and Goofy said nothing and just backed away waving his hands. There was no apology!

"After that my husband bought me a pair of giant Goofy hands, which he thought was hilarious."

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