Francia Raisa to star in Life-Size 2

Francia Raisa to star in Life-Size 2

Francia Raisa will star in 'Life-Size 2'.

The 29-year-old actress is set to play Grace Manning in the hit movie, following on from the original film, which starred Lindsay Lohan.

Tyra Banks announced the news on Instagram: "Now filming: LIFE SIZE 2. It's time y'all! You've waited long enough. I'm so excited to announce who will co-star with Eve 2.0...the magnificently fierce @franciaraisa. See you on @freeform this holiday season! #LifeSize2 #ShineBrightShineFar (sic)"

Whilst Lindsay won't feature as the main character, Tyra would love to see the star make a cameo in the movie.

She said previously: "I am having conversations with Ms. Lohan. Yes, and I want her to come back and I think that she does too. Actually, I know she does. So I really hope that she can be in it. Crazy, people want this so bad. I had no idea! But Eve is gonna grow up, honey."

And Tyra is also excited about showing a new, grown up, Eve.

She added: "Five years, four scripts, and finally we decided, Eve needs to grow up. She's been around for a while. She's been alive for a while. She needs to grow up and experience more adult things. So, you're going to see a very different Eve. The idea was: 'Let's do a movie for young adults,' so this is going to be an edgy Eve that you see, an edgy 'Life-Size 2.' The script is being written right now so even I don't know 100 percent, but it's definitely going to be like: 'Oh my God Eve does WHAT? Cover your eyes!'"