Jamie Lee Curtis says Halloween 'reflects changing attitudes to trauma'

Jamie Lee Curtis says Halloween 'reflects changing attitudes to trauma'

Jamie Lee Curtis thinks the new 'Halloween' movie reflects changing attitudes towards trauma.

The 59-year-old actress - who has reprised the role of Laurie Strode in the latest installment of the horror franchise - has claimed that the new movie chimes with the #MeToo movement's determination to reveal the long-term impact of trauma.

Speaking to the Independent, Jamie explained: "The film was written before the #MeToo movement. It was written in January of 2016 and the movement really began in August 2017."

The #MeToo movement emerged in the wake of the Hollywood sex scandal and has helped to expose the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment.

And Jamie - whose on-screen character is a survivor of Michael Myers' killing spree in the hit movies - explained how the latest film overlaps with the movement.

She said: "Women and men, all over the world, are starting to stand up and say: 'This happened to me, but it does not have to be the definition of me.'

"We made a horror movie that's super scary but at its core is the subject of trauma. But in the world, we are having a conversation that has been silenced for a very long time."

Jamie added: "Trauma is the residual effect of violence. We know that. We know that through history, we've studied history. Because it's generational.

"It gets passed on if it's not worked out. And so, this is a movie about generational trauma."