Rashida Jones; 'Quincy is the story of black America'

Rashida Jones; 'Quincy is the story of black America'

Rashida Jones was inspired to make a movie about her father Quincy Jones because his story "is also the story of black America".

The 85-year-old music producer is the focus of a new Netflix documentary 'Quincy', directed by his daughter Rashida, 42, and she believes now is the perfect time for this film.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "My dad's story is also the story of black America. He was born in the 30s. He's seen every decade since. He's been relevant in every decade since so we're dealing with a lot of race stuff in this country and it's important to tell the stories of the past. It's the only way we can learn. It's the only way we can change and evolve and this is the great way to do it."

Rashida co-directed the film with Alan Hicks, who is in awe of Quincy's vast achievements throughout his decorated career.

He said: "I would learn something every day because Rashida and I would work in the archives and just pour over all the material and you'd find out a new thing every day. For example, I found out that he was in the room with Miles Davis when he recorded Kind Of Blue. And then you found out that he had the first music that was ever played on the moon and that he made all of these discoveries like Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey."

Rashida added: "I am constantly in awe of how much he's managed to cram into a lifetime. He's not done. He's 85 and he's not done."