Richard E Grant says it is  'foolish' to prepare Oscars speech

Richard E Grant says it is 'foolish' to prepare Oscars speech

Richard E Grant feels it would be "foolish" for him to have an Oscars speech prepared.

The 61-year-old actor is up for Best Supporting Actor at this year's Academy Award ceremony for his role in 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?', but he insisted that he hasn't written an acceptance speech as he's convinced fellow nominee Mahershala Ali is a sure thing to win the prize for his performance in 'Green Book'.

In an interview with Variety, he said: "I happen to be in a category this year and Mahershala Ali has won absolutely every big award. And as sure as I am talking to you right now, he will win on Sunday.

"The big four - SAG, Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and Oscars - Mahershala [Ali] has so clearly won those without any doubt that it's in some way, it makes it easier.

"The other four nominees, we've shared this with each other, you know who is going to win so essentially you enjoy it for the ride it offers. The nerve-wracking thinking -- 'Gee could you or will you win?' Is taken out of the equation."

When asked whether he had a speech prepared for the event being held on February 24 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the 'Withnail and I' star added: "Most certainly not. That would be foolish.

"The man that has to have the speech planned is the man who has had to come up with four different speeches for the four different awards that he's already won. He's the one with the duty of coming up with saying something new, not the other four nominees."

The 'Star Wars: Episode XI' actor went on to explain that he's certain it won't be him taking home the prize as the "law of averages" wouldn't allow it.

He said: "The law of averages, if you don't think so yourself, the bookies, the internet, Google alerts, the world tells you. It just wouldn't happen."