Tessa Thompson pledges support to the #4percentchallenge

Tessa Thompson pledges support to the #4percentchallenge

Tessa Thompson has pledged her support to the #4percentchallenge.

The online campaign is geared towards helping to increase the number of movies directed by women in Hollywood, and Tessa is one of a number of well-known stars - including the likes of Brie Larson and Bryce Dallas Howard - who have voided their support for the initiative.

Tessa has been vocal about the campaign on her Twitter account, praising fellow stars for supporting the #4percentchallenge.

In response to Armie Hammer and Zazie Beetz praising the initiative, she wrote: "Right on! @armiehammer-- when you consider the population it is staggering how low the numbers are. Thanks for taking a stand! And excited to see what Zazie has brewing. So many talented female directors to choose from! (sic)"

Filmmaker Paul Feig has also spoken out about the issue.

He wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "I hereby challenge all my fellow producers to accept the @Inclusionists 4% Challenge. The talent is out there. They just need the opportunities. Great new stories, voices, movies and box office will come from it. It's time! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Tessa recently admitted to finding the typical portrayal of female love interests to be "obnoxious".

The in-demand actress - who stars as Adonis Creed's on-screen love interest in 'Creed II' - explained: "So often women are tasked with - not just in boxing movies, but just in movies in general - I won't say which, but I was watching a film last night on the plane and I was just like ... man, women!

"We just show up in movies to function to support the male character in ways. Like, we die for them, we live for them, it's just obnoxious actually!"