Teri Meri Jodi (Punjabi W/E.S.T.)

Teri Meri Jodi is about two beautiful couples; Daani – Roop & Maznu – Pari, who have to subdue past cultural ideas and loved ones core beliefs, in order to stay together.Teri Meri Jodi is a drama comedy film revolving around relationships. It touches on the theme of all relationships - lovers, families and friends, and how they evolve, within cultural ideas, from the past to future.

Starring: Arshdeep Purba, Monika Sharma, King B Chouhan, Sammy Gill, Sidhu Moosewala
Directed by: Aditya Sood

In Theatres:Sep 13, 2019
Genre: Foreign
Duration: 144 min

Notes:English subtitles

Consumer Advice:(BC) Violence. (MB) Violence.

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