Aaron Eckhart replaces Alec Baldwin in Chief of Station

Aaron Eckhart replaces Alec Baldwin in Chief of Station

Aaron Eckhart has replaced Alec Baldwin in 'Chief of Station'.

The 54-year-old star has stepped into the lead role in the upcoming spy action thriller, which will also feature Olga Kurylenko and Alex Pettyfer.

According to Deadline, Baldwin was unable to appear in the movie because of a lengthier shoot than was previously anticipated.

Filming is due to start next month in Budapest.

The motion picture will tell the story of a former CIA station chief, who will now be portrayed by Eckhart, who heads into the espionage underworld after discovering his wife's death wasn't an accident.

Pettyfer will portray the station chief's protege, while Kurylenko will take on the role of a rogue agent.

Jesse V. Johnson, who will direct the film, is delighted to have Eckhart on board.

He said: "I am thrilled to collaborate with Aaron … he had me at 'Thank You for Smoking'.

"He’s just such an ideal fit for a role that will test his prowess on so many levels.

"Hold on tight as he dazzles audiences, becoming a juggernaut in this layered and fast-paced spy thriller."

'Chief of Station' producer Steve Jones, of Bee Holder Productions, added: "Aaron has the presence, physicality and depth that made him the perfect fit to take on this wise and calculating character, who ran all CIA operations in Eastern Europe. When he learns his wife was a pawn in the game, his wrath will create hellfire."

In August, it was revealed Baldwin and Kurylenko were to star opposite one another in the spy film.

'White Elephant' helmer Johnson said at the time: "I am honoured to be collaborating on this epic action adventure with one of the bonafide legends of cinema, and pairing Alec and Olga will certainly bring some on-screen magic, she is a force-of-nature."