Adam Driver spills on experience of making Star Wars

Adam Driver spills on experience of making Star Wars

Adam Driver says making 'Star Wars' is no different to acting in any other film.

The 'Marriage Story' star plays lightsaber-wielding villain Kylo Ren in the new trilogy of films, but despite the scale of the sci-fi blockbusters he insists that his process as an actor on set doesn't differ to how he would approach smaller features.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Adam said: "In a way, 'Star Wars' is a big blockbuster, which you would think would be maybe devoid of those conversations (about character). But I haven't found the process very dissimilar.

"You try to make 'Star Wars' personal as much as anything else, and because J.J. (Abrams) was the director and because Rian Johnson was the director, it all came down to similar (things) ... taking moments and breaking them into pieces and making sure you're truthful."

One thing that Adam does acknowledge is different about the 'Star Wars' franchise is the enormity of the sets and the staggering amount of crew working in a galaxy far, far away.

The 36-year-old actor explained: "The obvious difference is the rhythm of a set. On a 'Star Wars' set there are 50 people all doing individual jobs, whether it be special effects or brushing a leaf or vacuuming something. There are just so many more moving pieces that finding your footing in rhythm of that set ... it's just longer."

Adam will make his final appearance as Kylo Ren - also known as Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia - in 'Episode IX -The Rise of Skywalker' and he admits it's "hard to describe" the feeling as the saga comes to an end.

He said: "That's hard to describe. I would just say 'good' but that would be too general."