Alan Ritchson is determined to play a 'historical figure' in a film

Alan Ritchson is determined to play a 'historical figure' in a film

Alan Ritchson intends to play "historical figures" in future projects.

The 41-year-old actor is known for his action roles in 'Fast X' and the TV series 'Reacher' but hopes to grow as a performer away from a genre he considers to be his "bread and butter".

Alan told MovieWeb: "I love the action space. I mean, it's kind of really my bread and butter and probably always will be. It's just, I'm built for it. So, there's a lot of that ahead in my future, and I'm looking forward to all those projects.

"But when you have the opportunity to tell a true story or play a historical figure, I mean, it's really a great gift to an artist like myself, and it's a huge challenge and a huge risk.

"And you really want to be authentic in those moments and honour their journey. But it really is like kind of the highest calling, I think, as an actor. So, I do look out for a lot of those roles."

Alan's latest role is in the drama film 'Ordinary Angels' – in which he plays a widowed father who is supported by a Kentucky community as his critically ill daughter requires a transplant – and he said the power of togetherness persuaded him to sign up for the movie.

The 'Smallville' actor told Deseret News: "I love the fact that, especially, this real-life hero, had so many struggles that he wasn't able to use any form of toxic masculinity to cure and no violence could save him in this situation.

"I was drawn to the real-life drama that just calls an entire community to action."