Aldis Hodge to play Hawkman in Black Adam?

Aldis Hodge to play Hawkman in Black Adam?

Aldis Hodge is in talks to play Hawkman in 'Black Adam'.

After Dwayne Johnson confirmed the 'Shazam!' spin-off will feature Justice Society of America members Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Cyclone, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the 'Straight Outta Compton' actor is the favourite to take on the role of the vigilante.

Johnson is set to play the titular supervillain in the forthcoming film, with Noah Centineo starring as Atom Smasher.

In an animated teaser shown at entertainment and comic book convention DC FanDome last month, Johnson narrated as Black Adam: "I have a knack for destroying bullies, but there are some who think I need help.

"Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and their new recruits: Cyclone and Atom Smasher.

"They call themselves the Justice Society, an organisation that believes in fighting for truth and justice.

"Well, I'm going to teach them that the only beliefs I fight for are mine. Welcome to truth, justice and the Black Adam way."

Speaking about his character, Centineo said: "His grandfather was a villain, he's got quite a spirit.

"He goes through this transformation in the film; he's not expecting the world of a superhero."

The Justice Society of America superhero team initially included Hawkman, Hour-Man, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Atom, Flash, Spectre, and Sandman.

Johnson also recently responded to Ryan Reynolds ruling himself out of playing Hawkman, telling the actor he has to portray him.

In response to Reynolds, Johnson tweeted: "You ARE playing Hawkman and that's that. You're also Deadpool, Green Lantern (when you want because you own the intellectual property), you're in the Zack Snyder JL movie and you're also @KevinHart4real's dad. Like in real life, as per your blood test. (sic)"

Reynolds had previously written on Twitter: "I'm not playing Hawkman in Black Adam. Although I generally do whatever the hell @TheRock tells me to do."