Alex Winter: I don't envy Keanu Reeves

Alex Winter: I don't envy Keanu Reeves

Alex Winter doesn't envy Keanu Reeves.

The pair have teamed up to star in 'Bill & Ted Face the Music', reprising their roles as metalhead slackers Bill Preston and Ted Logan for the first time in 29 years.

Since the first movie was released in 1989, Keanu has become a leading man in franchises such as 'The Matrix' and 'John Wick', although Winter has no desire to follow in his co-star's footsteps.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the 55-year-old actor said: "That is not the life path I set myself out on... I love what I do.

"I've been making films for decades and I love that so much. I was never looking to be a leading man.

"I'm really proud of Reeves. We've been close our whole lives, but I never look at that career and ask: 'What if that was me?' "

Winter had "good fun" playing Bill in the time-travelling musical comedy and suggested that the close-knit relationship between the cast and crew has been pivotal to the success of the film series.

He explained: "The films are not self-serious. They're not self-reflective. The scripts are very funny, and the weird dichotomy between how childlike and innocent and not particularly bright we are on the one hand, and how ornate our language is on the other, is infectious from a performance standpoint. It's fun to play these guys.

"But the notion of the sincere idea of representing close friendship against the craziness of the world is a large part of what's carried them.

"The films are written by two very close friends (Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon), are performed by two very close friends, and there's a sincerity to this that people enjoy."