Alison Brie: Writing Horse Girl was a daunting experience

Alison Brie: Writing Horse Girl was a daunting experience

Alison Brie found it "scary" writing her first movie with 'Horse Girl'.

The 38-year-old actress stars in and has co-written the Netflix psychological drama and admits that it was daunting to tackle a project that had "personal themes" for her.

Alison said: "The whole experience was so scary because I'd never written anything before, and the themes of that movie are so personal to me – kind of dealing with my familial history with paranoid schizophrenia.

"That whole movie really just felt like a tearing open of my soul a little bit, in that way. And again, like I said, it was the first movie I wrote, and it's the first film I've produced."

The 'How to be Single' star continued: "So to be kind of working on it at that level, felt new and scary. And then at the same time, the role I was playing was very intense. It was all very scary.

"And it probably is my favourite thing that I've ever made, because it really had so much to do with the story we really wanted to tell, and so little to do with what other people want or expect from me."

Alison admits that it can be difficult choosing which projects to take on and revealed that she often consults with her husband, fellow actor Dave Franco, before deciding which films to do.

She told Digital Spy: "I get very scared. I feel like, especially in recent years, the problem is that horror movies are getting better and better. There are some really great films that are in that genre.

"So I have Dave pre-screen movies for me usually, and he'll be like, 'This is a horror movie you should watch.' Or even if he hasn't (seen it), he'll read all the stuff about it, and be like, 'This one is worth the risk.'"