Andrew Garfield knows no one will believe him about Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield knows no one will believe him about Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield has admitted no one will believe him about 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

The actor - who played Peter Parker and his web-slinger alter ego in 2012's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and its 2014 sequel - has insisted he won't be joining Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, although he knows his claims are falling on deaf ears.

He told Variety: "It’s important for me to say on the record that this is not something I’m aware I am involved in.

"But I know I’m not going to be able to say anything that will convince anyone that I don’t know what’s happening.

"No matter what I say, I’m f*****. It’s either going to be really disappointing for people or it’s going to be really exciting."

However, Garfield did admit he understands the excitement about a potential crossover between the three versions of Spider-Man.

The speculation has come with Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx set to return as Doc Ock and Electro respectively, while the most recent trailer for 'No Way Home' suggests a multiverse.

The 38-year-old actor added: "I understand why people are freaking out about the concept of that because I’m a fan as well.

"You can’t help but imagine scenes and moments of ‘Oh, my God, how f****** cool would it be if they did that?’ "

It's not the first time Garfield has played down the chances of him being involved, but even back in May he admitted the possibility was intriguing.

He said: "I feel like I'm in a game of Werewolf and I'm just saying, 'I'm not the werewolf, I am not the werewolf. I promise you guys, I'm not the werewolf!'

"Listen, what people are talking about is a really cool idea. And again, I haven't received a phone call, but, you know..."