Andrew Garfield praises 'perfect' Spider-Man Tom Holland

Andrew Garfield praises 'perfect' Spider-Man Tom Holland

Andrew Garfield has hailed Tom Holland as the "perfect" Spider-Man.

The 38-year-old actor played the legendary superhero in two movies before being replaced by Tom and is more than happy to support his web-slinging successor.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' about the upcoming film 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', Andrew said: "I think that Tom Holland is just the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so I'm just super stoked.

"And I get to just like, be a fan again, which is my preferred position – to be able to sit in the audience and kind of go, 'Yeah, you screwed up mate, you didn't do it as well as you could have done, eh?'

"I get to be that guy that's just like, 'Yeah, I don't really love the suit...' I get to be that person which is so much fun."

It has been rumoured that Andrew is set to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) project alongside Tom – but remained tight-lipped despite a leaked photo of him on the set.

Andrew said: "I'm not sure about that.

"I'm trying to manage expectations! If they want to give me a call at this late, late stage of the game, you know, I'm sitting here in my tracksuit."

Andrew – who played the hero in the 2012 movie 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and the 2014 sequel – is adamant that he is not involved in the latest blockbuster, even if his claims have fallen on deaf ears.

He told Variety: "It’s important for me to say on the record that this is not something I’m aware I am involved in.

"But I know I’m not going to be able to say anything that will convince anyone that I don’t know what’s happening.

"No matter what I say, I’m f*****. It’s either going to be really disappointing for people or it’s going to be really exciting."