Anya Taylor-Joy says Nicolas Hoult committed to 'painful' eating in The Menu

Anya Taylor-Joy says Nicolas Hoult committed to 'painful' eating in The Menu

Anya Taylor-Joy has applauded her 'The Menu' co-star Nicolas Hoult for his dedication to eating on camera.

In the new black comedy film, the actors play a couple who travel to a remote island to sample a menu at one of the world's most exclusive restaurants and Nicolas had to stuff himself with food on set every day - and Anya has praised him for his commitment to the role.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, she said: "It sounds silly, but he is like a genuinely deeply committed actor because there's a point where eating becomes painful. And Nick just never wavered. Just kept going. It was pretty impressive. You were like a Hyde Park pigeon."

The actress also revealed she prepared for the role by binge-watching Netflix docuseries 'Chef's Table ', joking: "I love being able to lie down in joggers and watch Chef's Table and say that I'm doing research."

The mysterious celebrity chef in 'The Menu' is played by 'Harry Potter' star Ralph Fiennes and his casting had a huge effect on Anya as she is a huge fan of the wizard franchise because the Argentinian-born actress taught herself English by reading the books as a child.

She said of working with Fiennes: "I learnt English reading 'Harry Potter' so it was a bit of a big deal but my subconscious does this thing of barring me from information that I can’t handle if I have a job to do

"So I was cool and we got along really well but the second it was over I like, 'Oh my God!' and rang my mum and said: 'The last person that faced-off with Voldemort was Harry and now it’s me!'"