Aubrey Plaza: Fiction and reality were blurred on Black Bear

Aubrey Plaza: Fiction and reality were blurred on Black Bear

Aubrey Plaza had moments where she forgot who her co-stars were on 'Black Bear'.

The 36-year-old actress stars in the thriller, which explores themes such as gaslighting and feminism on a film set, and admits that crew members mingling with the stars caused confusion – even if it proved beneficial for the project.

Aubrey said: "There were moments where I truly forgot who was an actor and who was not.

"It was really crazy. That's all I can say. I think the circumstances of the actual production were bleeding into the film itself. And I think in some of the ways that chaotic energy helped the movie.

"Would I do it again? I don't know. I don't know if I could handle going through that again, ever. But it worked for this."

During the movie, Aubrey's character Allison is an actress caught in the middle of a shoot working with manipulative director Gabe (Christopher Abbott) and Plaza believes change still needs to be made in the film industry after it has been rocked by sex scandals in recent years.

She told The I newspaper: "There's a lot of progress that still needs to be made. I don't think people are going to put up with this kind of emotional abuse or people taking advantage of their power, as much as they used to. People aren't putting up with it anymore.

"I'm sure there's still people that will get away with it. And unfortunately, the more talented you are as a director, the more you get away with bad behaviour. But slowly these people are being weeded out."

Aubrey has also been cast in Guy Ritchie's spy flick 'Five Eyes' and relished the opportunity to work alongside Jason Statham.

The 'Parks and Recreation' star explained: "I've been wanting to do action for a long time.

"So getting to do it with Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie was a dream come true. If I'm going to do an action movie, I'm going to do it with Statham, who's the ultimate badass action star... The whole movie is just me kind of going like, 'You've met your match Statham, you've met your match!'"