Barbara Broccoli 'not interested' in female Bond

Barbara Broccoli 'not interested' in female Bond

Barbara Broccoli is "not interested" in a female James Bond.

The 59-year-old producer insisted the person who will be cast as the suave spy when Daniel Craig leaves the role "can be of any colour" but has ruled out speculation the iconic part could be played by a woman in the future.

She said: "Bond can be of any colour, but he is male. I'm not interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it."

Daniel will walk away from the role after 14 years following his turn in 'No Time To Die' and he's "excited" to see who takes over.

Asked if he'll have any say in his successor, he told the Sunday Times magazine: "No. But I'll be excited when it happens, as I'm a 'Bond' fan. Was before. Still am."

Meanwhile, Lashana Lynch - who portrays MI6 agent Nomi in the new film - hopes Bond can lead the way and "reshape the expectations of casting" when it comes to the prestigious role.

Asked about speculation Nomi is the new 007 - Bond's code name - she said: "I'm really glad that conversation's happening.

"Because black women have very rarely in cinema been given an opportunity to be in power, where they're able to be the example. Here, now, is somebody who can be that, and it feels exciting that a franchise is leading the way.

"It's not an indie film that tried to create this forward-moving idea that hopefully catches on. It's a massive studio, which is now going to be an example for other studios and reshape the expectations of casting. Which is where we should fricking be right now. It's exhausting."