Ben Affleck says that the poor response to Gigli was 'depressing'

Ben Affleck says that the poor response to Gigli was 'depressing'

Ben Affleck has said that the poor response to 'Gigli' was depressing.

The 49-year-old actor starred in the romcom alongside popstar Jennifer Lopez - who was his girlfriend at the time and is again following his 2018 divorce from Jennifer Garner - admitted that the poor response to the film left him "questioning" things.

He said: "I thought my job was to be a cipher. I can see now how people looked at me and thought of this person as some callow frat guy who’s cavalier, or has too much."

The actor-turned-director went on to explain how he felt the movie - which grossed $7.2 million against a $75.6 million budget - left fans with "negative feelings" towards him.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he explained: "[That movie] engendered a lot of negative feelings in people about me. There’s that aspect of people that I got to see that was sad and hard, it was depressing and really made me question things and feel disappointed and have a lot of self-doubt."

Ben went on to claim that for being such a "famous bomb" at the box office, in actual fact, "very few people" have even seen it.

He said: "The truth about that movie and what it taught me was how much everything around a movie sort of dictates the way people see it. But for being a movie that’s such a famous bomb and a disaster, very few people actually saw the movie. It doesn’t work, by the way. It’s a sort of horse’s head in a cow’s body. And the studio at the time, because I had begun having this relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which was selling a lot of magazines and appeared to generate a lot of enthusiasm, they just predictably latched onto, ‘They want a romantic comedy. They want the two of them together. More of that!’ And it was just like that ‘SNL’ sketch."