Charlize Theron impressed by Margot Robbie

Charlize Theron impressed by Margot Robbie

Charlize Theron says Margot Robbie reminds her of herself.

The Oscar-winning actress was very "impressed" by her 'Bombshell' co-star and can see a lot of her own ambition reflected in the younger actress.

She said: "Margot really impressed me. She reminds me a bit of myself in that she has a vast interest in wanting to explore different things. She's the heartbeat of the film."

The 44-year-old actress is also delighted to share the screen with Nicole Kidman in Bombshell - which she also produced - because she'd wanted to work with the 'Big Little Lies' star for some time.

She told Britain's OK! Magazine: "I knew Nicole socially, but not very intimately.

"But I've always wanted to do something with her - she's incredible."

While it was a "no-brainer" for Charlize to agree to produce the film - which tells the story of female Fox News employees and their allegations against CEO Roger Ailes - she hesitated before also signing up to play Megyn Kelly.

She said: "The script was sent to my company and it was a no-brainer to get involved [as producer] but as an actor, it took a bit longer for me to sign up.

"I didn't want to say yes to something that I didn't think I could actually pull off.

"I was s**t scared!

"There were things about Megyn that were very off-putting to me, but I realised we had a lot in common.

"We're both incredibly strong women who come across as hard. We're both incredibly ambitious too.

"All the women in the movie have very different roles and did things very differently. Women don't always do the right thing and sometimes we f**k each other over."