Chloe Coleman joins Adam Driver in the cast of 65

Chloe Coleman joins Adam Driver in the cast of 65

Chloe Coleman has joined Adam Driver in the sci-fi thriller '65'.

The 12-year-old actress has boarded the cast of the Sony Pictures movie, which is being written and directed by 'A Quiet Place' scribes Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

Adam will play an opioid addict who has become a shadow of his former self. His character is involved in a major accident where he and a nine-year-old girl are the only people to emerge from the incident alive.

Scott and Bryan are producing under their newly-formed Beck/Woods banner along with Sam Raimi and Zainab Azizi, who will produce for Raimi Productions with Debbie Liebling. Beck and Woods reunite with Raimi as they recently worked on an episode of Sam's series '50 States of Fright'.

Plot details on the project remain a closely guarded secret for the time being.

Adam, who starred as Kylo Ren in the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy, previously explained how he is keen to work alongside the best filmmakers in the industry.

The 37-year-old actor explained: "My only goal is to work with really great directors.

"If a really great director is doing something really interesting that happens to be a studio movie, then great. If it happens to be a film with no money, where we bring our own clothes to set, great."

Adam previously worked with Martin Scorsese on the 2016 historical drama 'Silence', and he relished the experience.

He said at the time: "It could easily be a dictatorship, given all he's achieved in his career, but it's not.

"Scorsese has been planning on doing this movie for 28 years, so you'd think he's got the whole thing mapped out, but it's the opposite - he's got some things figured out, of course, and he knows his subject material, but he's completely willing to throw it all away in the moment for a better idea."