Claire Foy 'cringes' over her auditions

Claire Foy 'cringes' over her auditions

Claire Foy agonizes about her acting auditions.

The 38-year-old actress has become one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood over recent years - but Claire still suffers from self-doubts.

She said: "Awful auditions have been too many to count.

"Every audition I've walked away from, I would cringe for days thinking about what I'd said and done."

Claire recalled that one of her worst-ever auditions was for a role in the 2011 action-adventure film 'Season of the Witch'.

She told Collider: "I think one of the worst ones was a film I actually got - which was quite ironic - was a film called 'Season of the Witch' with Nicolas Cage.

"I had to pretend to be exorcised by a priest with the devil inside me in a very, very small room in Soho in London. You would sit and have your audition, and on the other side of the door there was a girl who would look identical to you and she was waiting to go in.

"That was a real low."

Meanwhile, Claire recently revealed that she hates the "strong female characters" description.

The acclaimed actress explained that she hates the description because it suggests that "all other female characters are weak".

Claire - whose film credits also include 'First Man', 'Unsane' and 'My Son' - said: "I viscerally hate ‘strong female characters’. It says, what, all other female characters are weak? You don’t separate men like that.

"They’re allowed to be unlikeable, likeable, strong, weak, scary, cuddly, all sorts of different things."