Daisy Ridley cast in futuristic thriller Mind Fall

Daisy Ridley cast in futuristic thriller Mind Fall

Daisy Ridley is to star in the sci-fi thriller 'Mind Fall'.

The 29-year-old actress has boarded the cast of the futuristic movie that will be directed by Mathieu Kassovitz from a script by Graham Moore.

'Mind Fall' is set in a near-future London, where the most sought-after drug on the black market is memories – physically removed from one person's brain and implanted into another's using a new illegal technology.

Daisy will play top trafficker Ardis Varnado, who removes memories from those looking for some quick cash and resells them to 'clients' who pay top dollar for the recollections to bind to their subconscious.

Meanwhile, Ardis battler her own addiction to the 'mems' and often struggles to distinguish between the life she's lived and the memories she's implanted.

When Ardis is accused of murdering one of her clients, her instinct is to doubt her own mind. She decides to solve the crime for herself – hoping to clear her name but questioning everything she's ever thought to be real.

The movie is being produced by John Graham for Jeff Robinov's Studio 8 production company.

Daisy shot to stardom after playing Rey in the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy and previously revealed that she found it straightforward to relate to the character as they were both "trying to find their way in the world".

She explained: "Family is what 'Star Wars' is all about. The family thing is translated everywhere.

"Even on set, it felt like a family. It's that feeling of bonding, everywhere. Rey is trying to find her place in this world in the same way I was trying to find my place in the world."

Daisy continued: "The similarities were really nice. Because I felt so welcomed, and taken in, and people seemed to care how I felt, that translated into Rey. She suddenly had these people who cared about her, and she was finding her place within that."