Daniel Craig prepares well for Knives Out monologues

Daniel Craig prepares well for Knives Out monologues

Daniel Craig puts a lot of effort into his 'Knives Out' monologues.

The 54-year-old actor reprises his role as sleuth Benoit Blanc in the sequel 'Glass Onion' and revealed that he puts a lot of preparation into the lengthy speeches where he explains how he has solved the murder mystery.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Daniel said: "I work as hard as I can before we start to sort of get it into myself so it's in my body, so that when we get to set, it sort of like, it's not a thought."

The former James Bond star relies heavily on director Rian Johnson and tries to ignore his alter ego's distinctive accent during the monologues.

He explained: "I rely on Rian a whole heap. I, kind of, present something, I'll come and say, what about this? And then he goes, 'Great, let's try this and let's try this.' And it evolves as we shoot it, which is the best way.

"But I just wanna be as prepped as I possibly can so that I'm not having to think about the accent, think about the lines, it's just, it's there. It's there on call. And then I can also throw it away and do something else."

Rian also reflected on the amount of preparation Daniel does for the speeches and revealed that he always looks forward to the scenes in question.

The filmmaker said: "With the first movie and then also with this one, with that last section that you're talking about, the thing I love about murder mysteries is the detective holding court and solving it at the end.

"And with both movies now, Daniel shows up prepped for that sequence as if he's gonna step onto a Broadway stage and do it."