Daniel Radcliffe's named wig in Escape from Pretoria after Bradley Cooper

Daniel Radcliffe's named wig in Escape from Pretoria after Bradley Cooper

Daniel Radcliffe named the wig he wears in 'Escape from Pretoria' after Jackson Maine from 'A Star Is Born'.

The former 'Harry Potter' star plays South African political prisoner Tim Jenkin in the film, which tells the story of how an anti-apartheid activist escaped from a Pretoria Prison in 1979.

The role required Daniel to wear a hairpiece, which he named after Bradley Cooper's character Jackson from the 2018 movie.

Daniel told Empire magazine: "Initially, I wasn't against the wig. But even if I grew my hair out it wouldn't grow like a dude's in the 70s. So we tried one out and I was like, 'Is it me, or does this fit really well?'

"We named it Jackson after Bradley Cooper's character in A Star Is Born."

The 30-year-old actor also opened up about meeting the real-life Tim Berkin, who has a non-speaking role in the movie.

He explained: "Tim is a really fascinating guy. I was very intimidated by him because I really wanted to do his life justice.

"He's actually in the film - he came on set for a few days, and we were filming in a real prison, and they put him in prison clothes again. I was like, 'I guess this is nice?' But he was totally up for it."

Daniel admitted that he had trouble perfecting Tim's South African accent, which was made even more difficult as the project - which also stars Daniel Webber and Ian Hart - was being made in Australia.

He said: "The hardest part was that I was doing a South African accent but we were making the film in Australia, so you can find yourself being dragged from one accent to another.

"I would definitely say it was not an easy accent, but Tim is more Anglo-African than Dutch-African, which was slightly more merciful."