David Duchovny is 'figuring out a way to exist' in Hollywood

David Duchovny is 'figuring out a way to exist' in Hollywood

David Duchovny is "figuring out a way to exist" in the movie business.

The 61-year-old actor feels bored by "fictionalised documentaries" and claims that people who "make original stories" are currently being marginalised in Hollywood.

He shared: "Fictionalised documentaries are not what we do best. I’m very bored by that. What it means is that fiction writers like myself, or people that try to make original stories on film, are now in this weird space, figuring out a way to exist."

David's new comedy film, 'The Bubble', touches on the self-absorption of actors.

And while David acknowledges that actors are "overpaid and overwatched", he also notes that they're also just "human beings doing a job".

He told the Guardian newspaper: "You’re thinking about yourself a lot. The job is to be vulnerable and somewhat self-obsessed. On top of that, there’s career anxiety and shaping and branding and all that s***. We’re overpaid and overwatched and people care way too much about us. Nobody deserves any of that.

"But, for the most part, actors are just human beings doing a job. A silly job - but a job."

David also pointed out another way in which the movie business has changed over time.

The actor - who is best known for playing Fox Mulder in the hit TV series 'The X-Files' - said: "I’m a fan of the work standing on its own. But we don’t live in that world any more.

"It’s impossible to judge a work on its own merit. There’s just too much that you’ve heard, mostly from the f****** people who made it. I should be disqualified from talking about my work. Not only because I’m gonna lie to you, but because I’m not outside it."