David Lynch announces new project with ‘Twin Peaks’ singer and actor

David Lynch announces new project with ‘Twin Peaks’ singer and actor

David Lynch is making a new album with a ‘Twin Peaks’ singer and actor.

The veteran filmmaker, 78, collaborated on the project with 46-year-old performer Chrystabell – born Chrysta Bell Zucht – who played FBI agent Tammy Preston in the director’s 2017 TV series ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’.

‘Wild at Heart’ auteur David said in a teaser clip released online for the upcoming project: “Ladies and gentlemen. Something is coming along for you to see and hear! And it will be coming along on 5 June.”

David’s teaser clip came ahead of a music video to promote his new album with Chrystabell, which is titled ‘Sacred Memories’ and will be released on 2 August.

The album is coming out on the Sacred Bones label, which is home to other artists including Jim Jarmusch’s SQÜRL as well as Caleb Landry Jones and 76-year-old ‘Halloween’ director John Carpenter.

David – who has made music videos for acts including Interpol – directed the ‘Sublime Eternal Love’ video, which featured his trademark spooky flickering images.

They showed Chrystabell’s face alongside an ambient, ethereal sound.

But the announcement disappointed David’s fans who thought his new announcement was going to be another season of his hit ‘Twin Peaks’ show or a new movie.

Others said online they would have preferred it if the announcement had been confirmation he was bringing out a TV series known as ‘Unrecorded Night’ or ‘Wisteria’ – a long-rumoured project helmed by David that came to light during the Covid pandemic.

David’s production collaborator Sabrina Sutherland had previously said during a question and answer session with the website Tulpa Forum: “‘Unrecorded Night’ was a non-‘Twin Peaks’ series that was going to shoot at Netflix but was cancelled when the pandemic hit.

“There’s always a chance we can pick it up again, but David has been enjoying his artwork and music endeavours, so we haven’t gone back to it.”

David’s last major directorial outing project was the reboot of ‘Twin Peaks’ for Showtime in 2017, while his last feature film was ‘Inland Empire’.