Edgar Wright hits out at cinema doom-mongers

Edgar Wright hits out at cinema doom-mongers

Edgar Wright is "tired" of hearing about the death of cinema.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the film industry as studios turn to streaming services to release their movies but Edgar is bullish about people returning to cinemas.

The 'Shaun of the Dead' director said: "Going to the movies in the dark with strangers is the best way of seeing a film. It could be a full house or just two other people. The point is, it's transporting, it's the best way.

"When you're in control you can pause, go to the toilet or make a drink. Cinema is like a train leaving the station you have got to jump on. You're on a journey with the film and it's not going to stop for you. That's powerful. I don't think anything will replace it.

"I get tired of think pieces saying 'cinema is doomed'. It's untrue."

Edgar also hit out at the rise of streaming by stating that is similar to just watching television.

The 47-year-old filmmaker told the i newspaper: "People write endless articles about Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney+ and Apple TV+, and I think it's kind of faddish.

"People talk about streaming like it's something new, but it's just watching things on TV. I've known what that is like my whole life. I've had a VCR from when I was a teenager."

Edgar has two movies out this year in the form of 'The Sparks Brothers', a documentary about the iconic band consisting of brothers Ron and Russell Mael, and 'Last Night in Soho', a drama featuring Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith, and admits that he wouldn't usually bring out multiple movies in a short space of time.

He said: "Before, I'd have thought having two films in one year was too much.

"But it's been a unique year and I'm committed to supporting cinemas. I feel so strongly about cinemas prospering again."