Halle Berry 'disheartened' after Oscars win

Halle Berry 'disheartened' after Oscars win

Halle Berry was "disheartened" after winning her Oscar.

The 55-year-old old actress picked up an Academy Award in 2002 for her work on 'Monster's Ball' but admitted it did not open the door to more satisfying roles for her.

She explained to The Irish Times newspaper: "“ was very disheartened after winning that gorgeous guy. I was sure the script truck would just back itself up to my front door. That’s what I thought would happen. Like: now I’m going to get all the great parts. But unfortunately for me, that was not my reality. I’ve been continuing to try to make ways for myself. Because it’s hard. I don’t often find great parts that I really, really love to sink my teeth into.”

However, Berry has always remained positive.

She said: "I’m generally a very positive person. I’m a glass-half-full kind of person. I’m not going to sit around bashing things. I’m here to work. I have more hills to climb as long as I’m here. I’ve got more things to learn. I’ve got more challenges to face. I can continue to get better.”

Halle's directorial debut 'Bruised' is now streaming on Netflix but she admitted that the path to release was not easy.

She said: "“Oh, my gosh, it was so hard to get it made. It was very, very hard for me to get the money. And once I got the money, then I lost the money. And then I had to go get more money. And then I lost half of that money. And I had to cut 10 days out of my schedule. And you know, that’s the world of independent film-making. It couldn’t get any harder than it did in 2020. But I probably wouldn’t have gotten it made at all 10 years ago.”