Henry Golding relished chance to star in Snake Eyes

Henry Golding relished chance to star in Snake Eyes

Henry Golding has fulfilled a long-held ambition by starring in 'Snake Eyes'.

The 34-year-old actor plays the titular character in the new action-adventure movie, and he was thrilled to land the role.

He told SFX magazine: "I wanted to do something in this world.

"I want to be involved in films that I would want to pay money to go and watch. I had a meeting with director Robert Schwentke, who pitched his idea on the take of GI Joe that we wanted and I was like, 'This is the type of GI Joe film that I would want to make.' There's so much more of a human element to it."

Henry was born in Malaysia but spent his teenage years living in Britain, meaning that his links to the GI Joe franchise were quite different to most of his schoolmates.

He explained: "A lot of the ex-pats that I grew up with were Americans and they all had the toys. So I was kind of jealous of them.

"When I was in Britain, we'd come across the Saturday morning cartoons, but it was impossible to get any toys or anything just because it was a such an American IP."

Meanwhile, Henry recently revealed he spent four hours a day learning swordplay for his role in 'Snake Eyes'.

The Hollywood star admitted that the sword-fighting scenes were the most challenging part of his role.

Asked how much work he put into his sword skills, Henry said: "Yeah, we were four hours a day, with the stunt team, all in the build-up to getting us on set, ready and prepared.

"Things change, as you know, when we get on set. Environments really dictate how much we're able to do from what we've learned in the studio in comparison to being on the edge of a car carrier, or standing on top of the building, in a rain sequence.

"So you have to be at a stage and capability of being able to change up on-the-go as quickly as possible and learn new choreography within five minutes. And thankfully, all of that two months of pre-training got us to that stage."