Hilary Swank to star in Nar

Hilary Swank to star in Nar

Hilary Swank is to star in 'Nar.'

The 48-year-old actress has reportedly signed on to play the role of a wounded pilot in the upcoming action thriller and shooting is set to commence in late 2023, according to Deadline.

The outlet also claimed that the Oscar-winning star is set to take on the role of an executive producer for the film alongside David Thwaites and John Logan Pierson and the script will be penned by Clint Bentley and Greg Kwedar - who will also serve as director - with 'Deepwater Horizon' director Peter Berg also serving on the producing team.

In the movie, Hilary's character will be seen isolated in Latin America, relying on the help of a stranger claiming to be from a secret network to help bring her to safety, with the film's title coming from the real-life Non-conventional Assisted Recovery (N.A.R), which is part of the US Defense Department,

The 'Boys Don't Cry' actress also served as an executive producer for the ABC TV series 'Alaska Daily' - in which she also stars as former investigative journalist Eileen Fitzgerald - and recently explained that by taking on the responsibilities of a producer she was really able to be "creative" in the project even though it was "very different" to acting and found it to be very fast-paced.

She said: "As an executive producer, you’re able to really collaborate and be a creative, in that process. And in this process, it’s very, very different. It’s very fast-moving. There are a lot more cooks in the kitchen. Creatively, I only saw the pilot. I didn’t get to see anything else. You’re really at the mercy of what’s put in front of you. It brings a little trepidation, but you just hope that everyone keeps to what they promised, and you’re all on your way.