Hiram Garica looking forward to busy 2022 with Seven Bucks

Hiram Garica looking forward to busy 2022 with Seven Bucks

Hiram Garcia expects 2022 to be another packed year for Dwayne Johnson.

The movie producer works closely with The Rock through the star's Seven Bucks Productions banner and he explained that the year will begin with the Christmas movie 'Red One' and even suggested that the company could focus on movies that do not feature Dwayne.

Hiram told Collider: "2022 right now is looking like we're going to do a movie called 'Red One' for Amazon, which is our big Christmas movie that we're very excited about that we announced that Jake Kasdan, who directed the 'Jumanjis' for us, is going to come on and lead the helm. We're very fired up about that and involved with that as well."

He added: "But there's another chance for another big movie to go that wouldn't necessarily be a Dwayne Johnson vehicle but would be something else for Seven Bucks."

Garcia also explained how he came up with the idea for 'Red One' at the height of the coronavirus crisis.

He said: "I did. That was something I had been thinking about for the past seven, eight years.

"During that period of time when we were all shut down and we were working from home... I'm not often home. I'm very fortunate that with our work schedule I tend to be on the road a lot. I actually found myself with a window and wanted to really take advantage of something.

"(I thought) 'Let me really flesh this idea out and see if I can put down exactly what I'm envisioning to see if we can set this up somewhere.' It worked out pretty well."

Hiram says that 'Red One' fulfils Seven Bucks' ambition to make a festive film and is also a movie that fits The Rock perfectly.

He explained: "We had been looking for something that matched, the tone and tenor of DJ and what DJ brings to the table, so was able to come up with a really fun Christmas idea, but in tone it's much more of a 'Hobbs & Shaw', more of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in tone and vibe because you're dealing with crazy mythological elements, turning a lot of tropes we know about the holidays on their head, but also really big action and globe-trotting."