'It's basically a domestic drama': Emerald Fennell wants to put a different spin on Jurassic Park

'It's basically a domestic drama': Emerald Fennell wants to put a different spin on Jurassic Park

Emerald Fennell hopes to put a "domestic" spin on a 'Jurassic Park' film.

The Oscar-winning director has explained that she wants to make a movie in the popular prehistoric series that includes "a marriage between a man and a velociraptor".

Emerald told Deadline: "I honestly feel that I've been so lucky. I've been able to make my dream projects already.

"But my favourite film of all time is 'Jurassic Park', so I would love to get in on the dinosaurs."

The 'Promising Young Woman' filmmaker continued: "Well, first and foremost, it's very erotic. I think humans and dinosaurs have gotten to that stage in their time together where things are starting to get quite thrilling.

"So, there's a marriage between a man and a velociraptor and it's basically a domestic drama."

Emerald has previously acted in the TV shows 'Call the Midwife' and 'The Crown' and revealed that her dream role would be a Disney villain – although she bemoaned missing out on the chance to play antagonist Ursula in the live-action adaptation of 'The Little Mermaid'.

The 38-year-old star said: "I think it's got to be a supervillain, right?

"It's sad they've just done 'The Little Mermaid' because Ursula the Sea Witch is my inspiration and my muse. I've always loved her.

"I've always felt she deserves her own prequel where she's misunderstood. She's just going to the clubs, in that iconic outfit, stuffing souls into little bottles and then harvesting them."

Emerald also revealed that she would give herself a "glow-up" by choosing 'Barbie' star Margot Robbie to play her in a biopic.

She said: "Well, if it's a biopic, I'm just going to choose Margot Robbie and have everyone be like, 'Wow, she was so much more beautiful than we remembered'. I'm just going to give myself a glow-up.

"Margot's such an amazing actress and I would just make sure that in every scene she was in slow motion with a wind machine. So, every moment of my life will be remade, but with her looking and being perfect in it."