Jamie Lee Curtis says Laurie Strode is her 'legacy'

Jamie Lee Curtis says Laurie Strode is her 'legacy'

Jamie Lee Curtis has described Laurie Strode as her "legacy".

The 63-year-old star is bidding farewell to the iconic 'Halloween' character after 44 years in the latest movie 'Halloween Ends' and is grateful to be associated with the part.

Jamie – who was honoured with a hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday (12.10.22) - told Variety: "The universal understanding of Laurie Strode is that as this original 'final girl' she never gave up, always pushing through no matter what.

"It is beyond comprehension that that is my legacy. I feel like I haven't given up, that I have continued to try, but not at the level of Laurie Strode."

The 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' star continued: "What I've gotten from her is way more than she's gotten from me. Because when I'm gone, her legacy will be mine.

"Now, of course, I have my children, and that's crucial. But in the films, she is my legacy, and I could not be prouder of any legacy – unless it's like Mother Teresa or, you know, a great great Nelson Mandela or somebody like that – but in a film character, there's not one you could name that I would rather be than Laurie Strode."

Jamie's 'Halloween Ends' co-star Andi Matichak says it was "surreal" to be working with the horror icon in her final outing as Laurie Strode.

She said: "It's been incredibly surreal. Getting to be along this last ride for Jamie Lee and getting to watch her, and walk alongside her, as she takes her last walk in Laurie Strode's shoes, and take the most elegant bow I think you could for a character... The way that she brings the depth to this, she does her such justice in this film."