Jason Momoa reveals musical stage fright

Jason Momoa reveals musical stage fright

Jason Momoa admitted he gets more “terrified” playing music on stage than when he's acting.

The ‘Aquaman’ star is a keen bass player but felt uncomfortable when he recently joined a group of pals for a gig and though he loves to “support” them, it’s not something he's at ease with.

He told Bass Guitar magazine: “I went on stage the other day with my friends and I was terrified.

“It’s funny, because I should be fine with playing on stage, but I was absolutely terrified getting on stage and playing with them because I never really wanted to do that.

"Really – I was absolutely terrified. I’m not really a fan of it.

“But my friends, they love to have me up there, and I love supporting them, but I’m just like, ‘Oh man… Stick to your craft.’ “

And the former ‘Game of Thrones’ star admitted his fears extend towards stage acting.

He said: “I’ve never done theatre. I stay the f*** away from it. I don’t like being on stage man.

“A lot of my friends are theatre guys and they love it, because it’s the actor’s medium, but I like the characters and the camera finding me.

“What I love about the film-making process is that it’s pretty much everything else – the music, the editing, producing, getting the money, seeing it all the way through.

"You work with the talent, you understand everyone’s positives and you bring them up to a higher level.

“I love the whole idea of film-making, but I would say acting is not at the top of my list in the whole process.

“When you really look at theatre it’s definitely the actor’s medium. It’s 100 percent that.”

But Jason won’t rule out doing theatre one day in the future.

He added: “It’s sad to say I haven’t challenged myself to that level yet.

“Maybe some day I will, but right now I’m writing all the things I Want to do, and I’m making the movies and working with the directors that I want to, and the cinematographers that I want to.

“That one play where I go, ‘Oh I just have to do that’ just hasn’t happened in my life yet.”