Jennifer Lopez wore 95lb gown in Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez wore 95lb gown in Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress in 'Marry Me' weighed 95lbs.

The 52-year-old star plays superstar singer Kat Valdez in the new movie and the spectacular gown she donned to wed Maluma's Bastian on stage during a concert was "extremely heavy" and the actress needed "an entourage" of people to help her into the Zuhair Murad frock, which featured nine layers of silk taffeta, horsehair, and tulle, as well as crystals, ruffles, silver, and lace embroidery.

Costume Designer Caroline Duncan revealed to Variety: “The dress weighed 95 pounds and required five people to transport it and an entourage to get Jennifer in and out of it, but it gave the dress that volume."

The dress was deliberately designed to be so heavy as it was meant to represent the impending burden of Kat marrying Bastian, who she ultimately discovers was unfaithful before they exchange their vows.

Caroline explained: “First, you see her get into the car, and it’s a symbol of how that wedding had gotten too big, and it wasn’t honest and has taken over her ability to see who she was marrying.

“Later, you see her in the bedroom alone on what should have been her wedding night, and here she is trapped in this claustrophobic dress that’s like the concert — bigger than she is. It’s the loneliest shot in the movie.”

Although Kat's wardrobe features a number of designer pieces Caroline obtained from Net-a-Porter, Versace, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman , the costume designer also dressed Jennifer in more affordable streetwear so her character could feel "aspirational.

She said: “Some of the stuff was not incredibly expensive. When Bastian shows up at Charlie’s school, Kat’s outfit is from Naked Wardrobe. We were not afraid to mix higher and lower brands, because we wanted her to feel aspirational.”