Joe Russo: Tom Holland is the soul of the MCU

Joe Russo: Tom Holland is the soul of the MCU

Joe Russo says that Tom Holland has taken over as the "soul" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The 'Avengers: Endgame' director has explained that Tom's reliability as an actor is a big reason why the studio cast him as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man and predicts that he will have a big future as the MCU moves forward.

Speaking at the LA premiere of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', Joe told "The reason why we cast him is because he was a really dynamic, charismatic actor. He captured the essence of Peter Parker for us, that youthful, funny, sarcastic, charming, vulnerable, version of Peter Parker that I knew growing up and reading the comics.

"So, I said this not too long ago, but I really feel like he's taken over the mantle as sort of this soul of the Marvel universe, the emotional core of it. The audience has been through a lot with this character. I think they feel very emotionally connected to his character and here we are in a gigantic, climactic, movie for the Home series."

Tom said that he was "honoured" that Joe considers him as the face of the MCU but insists that he will never be alone because of the studio's vast array of movies.

The 25-year-old actor said: "I mean, I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm the face of the universe. I know the fans are really supportive and have responded massively to this franchise. I'm honoured that Joe thinks that.

"But, the beautiful thing about the MCU is, whoever the leader is, if there ever is a leader again, you're never alone."

Holland continued: "You have so many people that you can rely on and lean on, and people that I've now worked with for years and years. So, I don't necessarily feel those pressures, but should I feel those pressures, then yes, I'll call (Robert) Downey Jr and ask, yeah. I called him the other day for a piece of advice, and he was very kind."