Joel Kinnaman cast in The Silent Hour

Joel Kinnaman cast in The Silent Hour

Joel Kinnaman is to star in 'The Silent Hour'.

The 42-year-old actor has joined the cast of the action thriller that will be directed by Brad Anderson.

The crime drama will be set in Boston and will see Kinnaman star as a police detective who suffers a workplace accident that leaves him with impaired hearing.

16 months later – as an interpreter for the police department – he battles a team of corrupt officers trying to eliminate a deaf murder witness in an apartment building.

Stuart Ford's ACG Studios are to finance and produce the film with Eric Paquette's Meridan Pictures. The screenplay has been written by Dan Hall.

'The Silent Hour' is set to begin production in early 2023 but there has been no information on additional cast members yet.

Joel starred in the superhero blockbuster 'The Suicide Squad' as Rick Flag but revealed that he was nearly written out of the movie as filming for his Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind' was taking place at the same time.

He explained: "My manager, Shelley Browning, and my agents, Boomer Malkin and Andrew Finkelstein, definitely won the agent Oscar for this because it was a really, really tricky scheduling situation.

"And I also have to thank [‘For All Mankind’ creator] Ron Moore so much and everyone at Apple for helping out. Warner Bros. was in first position, but they couldn’t budge because it was such a big cast. So it was a really tricky scheduling thing, and it took them several months to figure it out.

"There were actually people at Warner Bros. that told James Gunn, 'We might have to rewrite this because the scheduling is not going to work out.'

"So I was definitely on edge, but then they figured it out."