Jordan Peele rejects claim he is the 'best horror director of all time'

Jordan Peele rejects claim he is the 'best horror director of all time'

Jordan Peele has rejected a claim that he is the "best horror director of all time".

The 43-year-old filmmaker - whose movies include 'Us' and 'Get Out' - has just released his latest film 'Nope' but he doesn't believe the three films are enough to qualify him for the title of best horror director.

Comic book creator Adam Ellis tweeted: "I know this is a hot take but at what point do we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time? Can you think of another horror director that had 3 great films, let alone 3 in a row? I can’t.”

And, while Jordan was flattered, he insisted that he can never compete with 'Halloween' director John Carpenter.

He replied: "Sir, please put the phone down I beg you. Sorry. I love your enthusiasm but I will just not tolerate any John Carpenter slander!”

Meanwhile, Jordan revealed he was influenced to write 'Nope' during 2020 when the world was “going through so much” such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement that was sparked by the murder of George Floyd, a Black man who died after Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes.

He said: "We were going through so much. So much of what this world was experiencing was this overload of spectacle, and kind of a low point of our addiction to spectacle."

Jordan also spoke about his dedication to alternatives to “the Black perspective” across the genre.

He told GQ Hype: "I've been somebody who's dedicated so much time to try and reintroduce what the Black perspective can be in a horror film. That puts me in very dark places in my imagination and we were in a very dark place and are [still] in a very dark place...It became a very important thing to figure out how to bring joy into it because, well, I felt like I've hit the other things."