Jordan Vogt-Roberts has Metal Gear Solid shortlist

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has Metal Gear Solid shortlist

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has a shortlist of actors he wants to cast as Solid Snake in his 'Metal Gear' movie.

The 35-year-old filmmaker is attached to direct a film based on Hideo Kojima's iconic Konami video game series centered on FOXHOUND elite special forces operative Snake, but is staying tight-lipped on the names in the frame for the role.

He said: "There's actors that I love, that I would love to cast as Snake ... but I won't answer any questions about who those are!"

Jordan's 'Metal Gear' project has been in the planning stage for six years and he admits it is very tough to get a Hollywood studio to the back the project due to the complex storyline and the fact it is based on a video game franchise, due to the sporadic success of games being converted to the big screen.

Speaking on 'Star Wars' writer Gary Whitta's 'Animal Talking' show, Jordan explained: "Look, this is my baby. I've been working on this thing for six years, trying to make it so it is the disruptive, punk-rock, true to 'Metal Gear', true to Kojima-san version of what this is. I will continue to fight for it every day.

"It's a difficult thing, getting any movie made in Hollywood is hard. Getting something like 'Metal Gear' made ... it is so complex (so) it's even harder. That's why I'm trying to make it for a budget where you can do crazy s***, where you can do the 'Metal Gear' version of it where it isn't neutered."

The 'Kong: Skull Island' director had hoped to begin shooting the movie last year and now the coronavirus crisis has delayed his plans even further.

He said: "I thought I was going to be on the set of this movie a year ago. Right now, there's a bunch of ... COVID has sort of changed everything and we're figuring out a bunch of stuff.

"I have no idea when it's going to go. I will fight for it every single day. I will fight to try and get this animated series going in conjunction with it. It's tough getting movies made, especially something where you're trying to be bold like this. I will fight every single day until I can't."