Josh Gad doesn't think Olaf deserves Frozen spin-off

Josh Gad doesn't think Olaf deserves Frozen spin-off

Josh Gad doesn't think Olaf has "earned" a 'Frozen' spin-off movie.

The 39-year-old actor - who voices the loveable snowman in the Disney franchise - has played down the idea of his character getting his own standalone film following the 2013 animated blockbuster and its 2019 sequel.

Asked about the possibility, he told "Probably not. And I'll tell you why.

"I feel like Olaf really is a part of the fabric of the actual stories that include Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, etc.

"And to me, separating him from that group doesn't necessarily feel warranted and doesn't necessarily feel earned."

However, Gad won't rule out the possibility of reprising the role in a series of shorts inspired by a moment in 'Frozen II' when Olaf recounts the plot of the first movie.

He added: "Having said that, the one thing I had publicly said I would do is I would do some series that would allow Olaf to recap other films like he does in 'Frozen II'.

"That is something I would do."

The star also commented on the idea of a third movie in the main series, and insisted there has to be a story to tell, along with the right platform.

He explained: "That's way above my pay grade, but what I can tell you is this: There was an opportunity to take these characters and bring again a sense of hope and inspiration.

"And it's why the team at Disney and I teamed up on the past couple of weeks to do 'At Home with Olaf' [...] And so the Frozen saga continues, even if it's not necessarily in the form of a third movie. But we'll see!

"If there's always a story worth telling, I'm sure that Jennifer Lee and the incredible team over at Disney animation will tell that story one day."