Josh O'Connor excited for return to indie movies

Josh O'Connor excited for return to indie movies

Josh O'Connor is excited to return to indie movies after 'The Crown'.

The 31-year-old actor portrayed Britain's Prince Charles for two seasons of the lavish Netflix series but revealed he is happy to get back to smaller projects, where he first found success.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "In some ways, 'The Crown' has really been a sort of deviation for me. I was doing the indie film thing before and having some success.

"That was where I was heading, and these were the kind of films I wanted to make. 'The Crown' wasn’t. But I’m so glad I did it — I loved it. But now I just feel like I’m carrying on as I was before, trying to find stuff that feels really challenging and interesting."

Josh has two films premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, 'Mothering Sunday' and 'Aisha' but admitted he is worried about the critical reception to them.

He said: "I’m excited, as I haven’t been before, but films go to Cannes and get … panned. I’ve heard they can be brutal."

Meanwhile, Josh revealed he is intrigued by roles that examine the "the fragility of masculinity" and says men need to question themselves more.

He explained: "As men, I think we’re all having to question ourselves a little bit and ask, where do we sit in this world? We’ve been existing with an awful lot of privilege and are now having to reassess that, see where we place ourselves and how we can be better, softer and kinder."