Josh O'Connor: Mothering Sunday love scenes have 'special beauty'

Josh O'Connor: Mothering Sunday love scenes have 'special beauty'

Josh O'Connor felt that there was a "special beauty" about the love scenes in his new film 'Mothering Sunday'.

The 31-year-old actor plays Paul Sheringham in the drama flick and relished the opportunity to shoot intimate scenes with co-star Odessa Young amid coronavirus restrictions.

Josh told the Daily Mail newspaper's Baz Bamigboye column: "The beauty of being able to touch and be intimate was so special for the film – and for us, the actors. I really love those scenes."

However, 'The Crown' star says that the Covid protocols on Eva Husson's movie were very stringent.

Josh said: "You're tested and they go, 'You've got three hours ... let's go! Let's do a sex scene.'"

O'Connor plays Sheringham, a young man racked with guilt after losing siblings and friends on the battlefield during the First World War who embarks on an affair with literary giant Jane Fairchild (Young), even though he is engaged to another woman.

Josh said of his character: "He can be totally naked physically, but also emotionally, with Jane; vulnerable in a way he can't be with anyone else."

The 'Emma' actor also revealed that he worked with Young and Husson to map out the passionate scenes, rather than rely on an intimacy advisor.

Josh said: "There's not that much sex. It's either post-coital, or there's a lot of nudity... with them just existing, naked, in the same space, which is really sad and vulnerable."

Eva previously revealed that she had made the choice not to use an intimacy co-ordinator.

She explained: "I understand the need for intimacy coordinators because there has been abuse. [But] I think that for some of us it doesn’t make sense to put yet someone else between us and the actors.

"For me, the body is a tool, and you choreograph, you work the muscle memory, and then you move on and you work on the more emotional side of things."