Ke Huy Quan 'open' to reprising Goonies character

Ke Huy Quan 'open' to reprising Goonies character

Ke Huy Quan would be "open" to reliving his 'Goonies' character in a new project.

The 51-year-old star won the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards on Tuesday (10.01.23) for his role in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’, and he is up for reprising his role as Goonie Richard "Data" Wang.

But Quan admitted he isn't sure if there could be a sequel to the 1985 adventure comedy film after director Richard Donner passed way in 2021 aged 91, and he admitted Steven Spielberg - who penned the story - should be asked about another 'Goonies' project.

Speaking at the event, he said: "First of all, we have the big man here tonight and that would be Steven Spielberg and that's one thing everyone should ask him.

"There was not one spec that I felt could live up to what the original was.

"Sadly, we lost the captain of our ship [Donner], who I love dearly, and I really don't know if there will be 'Goonies 2', but I would be open to reliving that character if there is that opportunity."

Just a month before Donner passed away in July 2021, Corey Feldman, who portrayed Goonie Clark "Mouth" Devereaux in the original film, played down the prospect of a sequel.

He said: "Well, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin want a sequel but you know. It's one of those powers that be things. Every time I thought, 'OK, it's really gonna happen', I've been let down and had my heartbroken.

"I think I probably believed it the most over the pandemic. Because I thought, 'OK it's ('The Goonies') 35th anniversary, we did two reunions in one year, we went back and read the script together.

"And Chris Columbus even said on the call with all of us, and in subsequent emails, 'Guys I'm so inspired, I'm actually writing again. Like I'm gonna do this. We're gonna do this. We're doing this.' And then, nothing."