Kelly Marie Tran's 'miracle' career

Kelly Marie Tran's 'miracle' career

Kelly Marie Tran says her career feels like an "impossible miracle".

The 31-year-old actress shot to fame playing Rose Tico in the 'Star Wars' franchise but admitted she is still shocked by her success as she had no connections to the acting industry.

She told "I know it sounds so cheesy because it probably is, but I just think it's true, everything that I've been able to do in my career this far very much feels like an impossible miracle. I am not someone who had connections in this industry. I'm not someone who knew how to do that. I really feel like I was like the blind leading the blind, trying to figure out how to audition and this world.

"Everyone who has dreams as a kid watching these movies and wanting to be a part of it, if there's anything that can prove that it's possible to do anything, it’s that somehow I am where I am continuing to do the things that I'm doing. Yeah, it means a lot to me that you, yeah, that you said that about the people that you know at Disney because I just love everyone there so much. I'm just grateful."

Kelly is currently starring in animated movie 'Croods 2 and joked she will return for a third movie just so she can finally meet her co-star Nicolas Cage, 56.

She said: "I had such a great time working on it. And also I still have not met Nic Cage and I find this to be a travesty. So I will do the third one just to meet Nic Cage. Make it happen, DreamWorks. Come on."