Linda Hamilton doesn't want Terminator return

Linda Hamilton doesn't want Terminator return

Linda Hamilton is not interested in returning to the 'Terminator' franchise.

The 63-year-old actress reprised her role as Sarah Connor for the first time in 28 years in 'Terminator: Dark Fate', which disappointed at the box office.

Although Linda enjoyed reuniting with her co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger and producer James Cameron - who created the sci-fi franchise in 1984 - she admits that she isn't comfortable with the pressure of producing movie that needs to make money.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter if she was optimistic about playing Sarah again, Linda said: "No. Something says to me ... I don't know. I would really appreciate maybe a smaller version where so many millions are not at stake.

"I can't tell you how many laymen just go, 'Well, people don't go to the movies anymore.' That's not Hollywood analysis; that just comes out of almost everybody's mouth.

"It should definitely not be such a high-risk financial venture, but I would be quite happy to never return. So, no, I am not hopeful because I would really love to be done."

Despite her reluctance to battle Skynet's killer cyborgs again Linda did not completely close the door on the prospect of a 'Terminator' return.

She added: "If there was something new that really spoke to me, I am a logical person, and I will always consider viable changes."

'Terminator: Dark Fate' was directed by Tom Miller and saw Schwarzenegger return to his iconic role as the T-800.

It was hoped that the film would be the beginning of a new trilogy, but Miller conceded that it was unlikely following the film's underwhelming box office performance.

He said: "We had originally talked about three movies in total. Over time it naturally fell into chunks, but it was all about what is the big, fat story - the arc of these characters - and then it comes down to how do you divide up that pie into three movies.

"The opening weekend certainly makes the chances of it less bright. But we did structure it so I don't feel like this film feels incomplete, in the same way that Terminator 2 didn't."