Mads Mikkelsen remembers 'humiliating' Fantastic Four audition

Mads Mikkelsen remembers 'humiliating' Fantastic Four audition

Mads Mikkelsen has recalled his "rude" and "humiliating" audition for 'Fantastic Four'.

The 55-year-old actor - who has gone onto appear in 'James Bond', 'Star Wars' and Marvel franchises over the years, as well as the title role in 'Hannibal' - ended up trying out for the role of Mister Fantastic in the 2005 film, but it didn't go as he'd hoped.

He told Vulture: "I know a lot of casting is just first impressions - is there anything there that reminds the producer and the director of the character they're looking for?

"But I find it rude to ask people to come into a room and say one line while pretending you have 80-foot arms like the rubber man.

"'Grab that cup of coffee over there' - it's like, are you crazy? There's not even a scene here. It was kind of humiliating."

Mikkelsen revealed his agent was keen on him to capitalise on his 2006 'Casino Royale' role as villain Le Chiffre.

He added: "I got an American agent and it was like, 'OK, so you did a Bond film. Now things are happenings.

"Move over there and spend some time and do all the meetings and the chitchat and some auditions.

"I never had the chance to think about whether it was a film I wanted to be in or not, I just did them all."

However, he admitted the 'Fantastic Four' audition was one of the moments that resulted in him losing some "confidence as an actor".

He added: "Some of the stuff was interesting, and other things were just like - this is where I felt you can completely lose your confidence as an actor.

"Standing in an office with a person who looks down at his paper, and you pretend you have long arms and say one line."