Marlon Wayans says the pandemic has 'matured' him

Marlon Wayans says the pandemic has 'matured' him

Marlon Wayans has “matured” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 48-year-old actor admitted the global health crisis has taught him to slow down and appreciate what is happening in his life, and shown him he can function on his own.

He told Total Film magazine: “Covid has given me [an off switch]. It's matured me at the right time.

“I used to have such FOMO and I found life in now having nothing to do.

"I found that I don't feel guilty about sleeping any more. I found that I could cook, I could clean. I could take care of myself. Things I didn't know how to do for myself.

"I was a slave to my work. I felt like I always had to be 'on'. And it's OK to not be 'on' comedically."

The 'On the Rocks' star is known for his comedy, but he now wants to show a more serious side to his work.

Marlon - who also starred in 'White Chicks' and the 'Scary Movie' franchise - said: "When I look in the mirror at myself, 30 years into acting, I find I'm really looking forward to my next 30 years.

"The first 30, I really enjoyed being on the wild journey of comedy and parody and sketch. And now I'm looking forward to doing less and getting better results.

"So I'm trying to choose movies where I can be a lot more subtle in my performance and really try to own being a dramatic star. So now it's time to go kill it like De Niro did."